Agreement Auditor and Tax Advisory Ltd has been on alisted liquidator since 1996, and is one of the few entities that has so far carried out its liquidator activities to the highest quality.

Agreement Ltd is a family-run business, with the joint owners also acting as directors, managing the liquidation and trust business on a day-to-day basis. Neither the owners nor the employees are the owners of any other liquidator organization. Agreement Kft. is almost exclusively engaged in liquidation and asset inspection activities.

Until 2005, we had only carried out liquidation activities in the jurisdiction of the Metropolitan Court and the Komárom Esztergom County Court.

In 2005, our company underwent significant development.  As a result of which, we have expanded our activities to several counties where we have not previously carried out liquidator activities. This development continued in several stages. We already have branches in the jurisdiction of all the County Court. On a judicial appointment basis, we carry out the tasks required by the Bankruptcy Act throughout the country.

So far, we've conducted over 900 procedures.

Agreement Ltd’s head office located in Budapest, that is 160 square meters, allowing us to meet clients in a comfortable and pleasant environment. Our office furniture and computer system have undergone significant development, allowing for greater data security, more accurate records, and overall higher quality of work. Our Internet connection is multi-channeled, working reliably under all circumstances.

In order to ensure the highest quality of work, our employee count exceeds the standard that is required, and we have a wide range of highly educated professionals amongst the team, such as lawyers, economists, auditors, IT professionals, who ensure fast and professional work.

Since many of our colleagues are proficient in languages, dealing with international parties throughout the litigation process is not a problem, some of our colleagues even hold multiple language certificates and qualifications.

Through continuous training of our employees, we ensure a constant level of expertise, a high level of knowledge of bankruptcy law and related legislation, in addition to constantly monitoring the changing legislative environment.

Most of our employees do not work for other liquidators.

In our work, we are particularly conscious of protecting the environment, and to the professional management of the environmental damage that may be left behind by debtor operators. To this end, we are working closely with the Environmental Protection Agency.

If one of our customers is unsatisfied with our work, they are able to safely and easily report it to us through our complaints management system and expect a quick and objective assessment. Complaints can also be made online via our website for the convenience of our customers.

In order to ensure the highest standard of our work, we have improved the internal monitoring and controlling system, which complies with professional recommendations and has been further developed by professionals.

The high quality of our work is also ensured by the fact that Agreement Ltd has obtained the ISO certification.

In our liquidator activities, we strive to ensure that, where possible, debtor enterprises are not liquidated, and instead are able to continue operating after reorganisations.

Our company is a member of the National Association of Liquidators and Trustees and is committed to operating in accordance with the law. Our company is a member of the Budapest Chamber of Commerce and Industry. Registration number: BU11192578

The high quality of our work is confirmed by the fact, that for about two decades there have been no substantiated complaints and objections against our work.

Agreement Ltd. is included in the taxpayer database and is free of public debt.

No labour fines were imposed on Agreement Ltd.

If the legal requirements and the effectiveness of our work requires, we apply the available penalties provided by the law. In this way, we initiate the imposition of fines on those who do not fulfil their legal obligations. If the legal conditions are in place, a criminal complaint will be filed with the NAV Investigation Authority or the regional representative body of the Police, which is competent for the nature of the offence. If the conditions apply, we will initiate payment of the costs of the proceedings by the former managers of the debtor enterprise.

We pay special attention to cooperating with creditors and creditors' committees. As a result, creditors provide meaningful assistance in many cases to carry out our work effectively.

The liquidator provides creditors and other parties with the possibility of legal access to files and the possibility of legal copies of files during working hours.

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